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Who We Are& what's our mission

Our Enterprise SAS70 Type-II Certified Datacenters' Network delivers reliability with sheer magnitude.

NetSectors®, At A Glance

Ultra Performance, Inherent Redundancy, Quality Support, Higher ROI

NetSectors® is a leading global provider of Hosted Private Cloud and Managed Hosting Solutions with subscribers in 50+ countries and 27,330-plus Servers in the Datacenter Network. We strive to enable technologies for our clients which will not only make their day-to-day business operations more resilient, but also enhance existing infrastructures and provide unparalleled enterprise level support in order to guarantee 100% reliability, up-time and infrastructural compliance.

From pioneering server management technologies and automation platforms to Core, Ultra Performance, Dedicated Cloud managed infrastructure solutions, our Enterprise SAS70 Type-II Certified Datacenters’ Network delivers reliability with sheer magnitude.

Core Systems Empowered By Engineers

We're in the business of delivering you NextGen front-end technologies

At NetSectors® we’re all about experience! We not only want to make sure our clients have the best data hosting and domain registration experience, but we also want to deliver sheer technological experience of our staff directly to you, in order to eliminate delay in support during complex business technological scenarios.

Our NextGen Datacenters are comprised of industry’s most advanced Server Technologies, Software and I.T. Professionals, in order to maintain Datacenter structural integrity.  This creates highly Professional environment, which is only available at Datacenters exclusively available to large scale Commercial and Enterprise projects. Consequently, Small and Medium scale Companies’ crucial data is also as important for the mavericks who try to get their business ventures fulfilled.  Our founders being Technological Entrepreneurs themselves, realized the unfair advantage these large scale Enterprises have over their smaller competition.  Having this in mind we are dedicated to delivering you the industry’s best and most advanced Internet Systems and Technologies, directly from our industry leading SAS70 Type-II Certified Datacenters, bundled with Elite Technical and Engineering support right to your computer.

The NetSectors® Advantage

24/7 Anti-Hacker Detection

Our Elite System Administrators are on call 24/7. We constantly monitor our systems in junction to the automated systems. We never underestimate human logic and decision making, which stops even the most sophisticated Black-Hat Hackers dead in their tracks.

Industrial Grade Products

Our products are logically developed to give you the tools needed to propel your venture with the power and the resilience of a large scale project. They are build around our NextGen Server Technologies and equipped with the most up to date software available today.

Our Values Are Yours

Our Cloud Experts are available to help you with any complex issues whenever you need them. We offer free Administrative support to help you with your most complex projects. Including technological expansion, server migration, website relocation, etc.

Business Centric Formulas

Technology is extremely unforgiving without testing, and proper planning . It can lock your venture in a Technological Bear-Trap which can cost thousands of dollars. Our products are specifically developed to keep your venture running optimally with maximum ROI!

Most Advanced Datacenters In The World

SAS 70 Type II Certified Data Centers

  • Multiple Data Centers Throughout the World & USA
  • 485,000 sq. ft of Space (Per / Sector)
  • UPS Powered By 32 Rotary Power Systems (N+2 Power Redundancy – Per / Sector)
  • Backup Power Generators: 32 Diesel Powered Engines (2,250kW Capacity – Per / Sector)
  • Fuel Tanks | 3 days of Diesel Fuel On-Site (4 tanks, 50,000 Gallons – Per / Sector)
  • Advanced Intrusion Detection, Testing & Security
  • Local Monitoring of Power, HVAC and Physical Security
  • 3 Point Security Access With Bio-Metric Scans For Entire Staff.
  • 24/7 on duty LV4 Armed Security Guards.