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MySQL & SQL Database Servers On 32-Bit / 64-Bit Platforms

Two of the most popular back-end data stores Web developers work with today are MySQL and SQL Server. They are fundamentally similar in that both are data storage and retrieval systems. You can use SQL to retrieve data with either because both claim support for ANSI-SQL. Both database systems support primary keys and key indices, so you can also create indices used simply to speed up queries and for constraining input. Further, both provide some form of XML supporting terms of pure performance,

MySQL is the leader, mostly due to its default table format, MyISAM. MyISAM databases are very compact on disk and place little demand on CPU cycles and memory. MySQL can run on Windows without complaint but performs better on UNIX and UNIX-like systems. You can experience additional performance gains by using MySQL on a 64-bit processor, because MySQL uses an abundance of 64-bit integers internally. Much of the very busy Browsers   Finance portals use MySQL as a back-end database.

On the other hand, SQL stands for Structured Query Language, and it's a standard language for accessing and manipulating databases.  MySQL is a database management system, like SQL Server 2005, Oracle, Informix, Postgres etc. MySQL is a RDMS (Relational Database Management System). MySQL is an actual computer application. MySQL can be used as the back engine database for several kinds of applications and it is one of the best choices for many web around the world looking to create web-based applications.

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