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The Java Programming Language & The Environment

The Java programming environment has become the primary choice-scale business systems and is gaining popularity in embedded systems for portable computing devices, as well. The advent of faster processors and less expensive mass storage has allowed Java to transcend the language's original limitations, and Java's platform independence makes it suitable for developing web services and global enterprise applications. Additionally, many smaller systems and even hand-held devices can benefit from applications written in Java.

On an elemental level, JavaScript allows for manipulating design elements on web-pages such as links and web applications. You need java-script if you want to have the full functionality of most websites. Java script can also be used to automate simple tasks that may be repetitive to computer users. You can also use java script in web pages to have interaction with the user. JavaScript is a scripting language most commonly used in web-pages to provide behavior. JavaScript has the power to modify a web page. JavaScript is a mostly-standardized scripting language, so its uses are not limited to providing browser interactivity. It can be used for anything scripting is viable for.

JavaScript framework libraries help developers overcome some challenges without limiting creativity and functionality required to deliver cutting-edge applications to their users. One of the common JavaScript framework libraries that Web developers use to address these challenges is jQuery. Since it was introduced in 2006, jQuery provides developers with fast and easy access to HTML elements via the Document Object Model (DOM). Since the aim of any Web developer is to provide access to content to the widest possible audience, jQuery makes this possible by providing developers with the ability to have clean HTML markup with unobtrusive DOM scripting so that Web pages will still work in older browsers that have reduced or no support for JavaScript. All This adds up to few very important things when you are running your business.  Reliability, Scalability & Efficiency!

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