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Established in 2004 as an Intranet and Extranet Solutions Firm in Glendale California, Net Sectors has become one of the leading I.T. Solutions and Services Providers in United States, United Kingdom and Canada. In the early days, our motto was to simply provide I.T. Solutions and Services, which will ultimately guide the consumer to be able to quickly and effectively find solutions for all their I.T. problems. Since then, our motto has not been changed! We continually strive to create lasting impressions and positive experiences combined with excellent strategy, statistics and experience. We understand that first impression is the best impression; however the first impression is only the beginning of the process to establish a successful “Web-Presence”. Consumers are looking to spend their hard earned money smart, and we’re here to help them achieve that initiative. Our services are designed with one goal in mind… “Exceed Clients' Expectations”. We do not consider the project finished, until the client and our technical team are completely satisfied. This is the principle which brought us this far in the industry, and we are not backing down from it anytime soon.

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